Estrusione – Pharma

Linea completa di estrusori da laboratorio Pharma comprendente sistemi monovite, bivite paralleli e conici da 5 a 24 mm diametro vite.


Pharmalab 16_24

PRISM PHARMALAB Pharmaceutical twin-screw extruders and ancillaries for continous processing Small-scale continuous processing for research, development and production in the pharmaceutical industry. The PRISM PHARMALAB compounder has PLC control with data logging and recipe storage ensuring reliable and repeatable results. Products can be related back to processing conditions. The stainless steel compounders are built to [...]



Conical Micro-Compounder for Hot Melt Extrusion built to GMP standards When developing new drugs, shortening time-to-market and reducing waste of expensive API’s and overall development costs provide a distinct competitive advantage. Hence, quick and early assessment of new API/excipient formulations is critical. The Thermo Scientific Pharma mini HME allows users to identify the right drug [...]


Pharma 11

Unique, flexible twin-screw compounder for hot melt extrusion and twin-screw granulation In the early development of a new drug, research and development formulation scientists face the challenge that only a small amount of expensive API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) is available for experiments. The Thermo Scientific Pharma 11 compounder provides cost-effective extrusion capabilities from a material [...]

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