Estrusione – Polymer

Linea completa di estrusori da laboratorio Polymer comprendente sistemi monovite, bivite paralleli e conici da 5 a 24 mm diametro vite.


Miniestrusori bivite

HAAKE MiniLab II Few ingredients – Great results The HAAKE MiniLab II needs a sample volume of 7 cm3 only. Compounding expensive materials such as nano-composites, biopolymers or pharmaceuticals is therefore no longer a problem. Simultaneously the rheological properties can be recorded to document structural changes. By using the optional force feeder, continuous extrusion with [...]


Ricerca Monovite – Bivite

HAAKE PolyLab OS If comprehensive material characterization during the develop ment of innovative products is important to you, Thermo Scientific Solutions open new possibilities with the fl exible, open-concept HAAKE PolyLab™ OS rheometer platform. The Thermo Scientifi c system provides you with process-relevant material data including: Melting behavior Infl uence of additives Temperature stability Shear [...]


Controllo Qualità Monovite – Bivite

Consistent quality is basic to the industry. Consequently, simplified quality control procedures that can be done within an increasingly shorter period of time are highly demanded by innovative and successful companies. The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC is a new measuring mixer & extruder system that meets today’s – and – future – quality control [...]


Pilot scale bivite

Thermo Scientific Process 11 – Unique and flexible twin-screw extruder Requiring just 20 grams of material per hour, the new Thermo Scientific Process 11 small-scale extruder is designed to meet the key challenges faced by research and development formulation scientists. Applications Polymer research & development Expensive material incorporation Nano compound processing Versatile Setup The Thermo [...]