Miscelatori da laboratorio in camera chiusa

Miscelatori da laboratorio in camera chiusa con diverse geometrie per elastomeri, termoplastici ed alimentari.


Polylab OS

HAAKE PolyLab OS If comprehensive material characterization during the develop ment of innovative products is important to you, Thermo Scientific Solutions open new possibilities with the fl exible, open-concept HAAKE PolyLab™ OS rheometer platform. The Thermo Scientifi c system provides you with process-relevant material data including: Melting behavior Infl uence of additives Temperature stability Shear [...]


Polylab QC

Consistent quality is basic to the industry. Consequently, simplified quality control procedures that can be done within an increasingly shorter period of time are highly demanded by innovative and successful companies. The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC is a new measuring mixer & extruder system that meets today’s – and – future – quality control [...]