DSC 7020


Differential Scanning Calorimetry is the most fundamental technology in the field of Thermal Analysis. SII Nano Technology Inc. is the pioneer in developing and manufacturing heat flux type DSC for more than 25 years. The EXSTAR series DSCs are designed for high performance in sensitivity, resolution, baseline stability and reproducibility.

The EXSTAR series offer unsurpassed benefits due to the unique flexibility and application related design characteristics. The newly designed X-DSC 7000 sensor multiple thermocouples guarantee high sensitivity, while the centric heat-flow method provides uniform and stable to sample and reference and therefore extremely stable baselines.

The exclusive oval sensor of the Standard DSC 7020 with its inner and outer heat sink guarantees the shortest heat path to keep the ideal temperature distribution between sample and reference platforms. It provides high resolution and sensitivity together with reproducible and flat baselines. Both sensor designs make it possible to offer the best suited DSC system for customer’s application in quality control and high grade R&D measurements.

High Performance Heat Flux DSC

DSC 7020
This DSC 7020 is the working horse of the 7000 series DSC systems. It is specifically well suited for polymers. The unique sensor design allows high resolution and sensitivity together with high, but controlled cooling and heating rates. The baseline performance makes any corrections unnecessary and therefore allows the use of the easy to operate auto samplers in R&D and QC applications.

Auto Sampler

The highly reliable, easy to operate auto sampler units bring automation, efficiency and high throughput to your laboratory.
The 50 position sampler with its patented four finger system guarantees the highest position accuracy for accurate and reliable results, removing human errors. Copying functions and auto analysis software free the user from any routine work.

Flexible Cooling Systems

For the 7000 series DSC systems one can choose from different electrical cooling units. The temperature ranges from -40, -80 and -110°C are available. The liquid nitrogen cooling accessory covers the whole temperature range from -150 to 725°C without any compromise. Pressurised air can be used for temperatures above ambient and the cooling can rapidly cool down the DSC cell after a measurement to temperatures of -170°C.

Accessories and Options

The sample colour and shape is recorded by the visualization system RV-1D. Pictures are linked to the DSC curve. Photochemical reactions, like curing, are measured as a function of reaction gas, irradiation intensity and wavelength.

Variety of sample containers

Crucibles are available from different materials like aluminium, platinum, ceramics, silver or stainless steel as open, crimped, sealed or hermetically sealed types of a pressure resistance of up to 80 bars.

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