Pharmalab 16_24

Pharmaceutical twin-screw extruders and ancillaries for continous processing

Small-scale continuous processing for research, development and production in the pharmaceutical industry.
The PRISM PHARMALAB compounder has PLC control with data logging and recipe storage ensuring reliable and repeatable results. Products can be related back to processing conditions.
The stainless steel compounders are built to GMP standards with a focus on a clean, streamlined GMP design.

Comprehensive Range of Capabilities
Available in 16 mm and 24 mm sizes, the PRISM PHARMALAB series can be used for research, development or production of pharmaceutical formulations. Additionally, a full range of ancillary equipment is available for product mixing, and post-extrusion processing.

Designed for Pharmaceutical Needs
The horizontally split barrels (up to 40:1 L/D) have a crevice-free, GMP design. Quick release clamps give easy access to screws and process contact surfaces for cleaning or configuration changes. The barrel is modular, with segments available for feeding solids and liquids, or for venting. The variable speed AC motors are brushless and therefore low maintenance.The touch-screen display is easy to use and easy to clean. The PLC incorporates data acquisition with an option to download to a remote computer for archiving and analysis.
The controls include recipe storage of preset extruder parameters for repeatable process conditions.

Supporting Our Customers
Thermo Electron (Stone) UK has a fully equipped Technology Centre for customer trials on PRISM equipment. This service ensures you will get the performance you need before you make an investment. With a worldwide services network supporting the pharmaceutical industry, your investment will be protected.


  • Melt granulation
  • Biomedical compounds
  • Water sensitive products
  • Medical adhesives


  • Medical polymers
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Soft gels
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