Laboratorio – Polylab OS

Laboratorio – Polylab OS
Extruder measurements

Extruders are melting and pumping polymers under pressure and shearing action of the screw through a die (at the end of the extruder) to form a solid material as fi lm, strand or fi bre. This extrudate is used as test specimen (cut with a pelletizer) or analyzed for defects and inhomogenieties. The online measurement is reduced to processing power (torque), temperature and pressure but can be extended with optional inspection systems for content of components and humidity (NIR), color to detect degradation (UV-VIS) or video fi lm inspection system with graphical analysis.


Rod Capillary Die

This die is designed to measure the absolute viscosity of polymers.
It provides a tool with interchangeable capillaries.
The pressure is measured directly before the capillary entrance. The nozzles are wear reduced for long life reproducibility and the testing of fi lled polymers and ceramics. Depending on testing material and nozzles, shear rates between 50 – 200,000 1/s can be achieved.

Slit Capillary Die

This die enables a measurement of pressure gradient and melt temperature directly within the slit capillary.
Thus the absolute viscosity of a polymer can be determined.
Different geometries are available to adapt the die to the shear rate and the viscosity range. Depending on the geometry and testing material shear rates of 10 – 1,000 1/s are possible.


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