MiniLab II

HAAKE MiniLab II Micro Compounder

Feeding systems

Three different feeding systems are available for the HAAKE MiniLab: A pneumatic feeding system comes as standard equipment, optionally a manual feeder and the new HAAKE Force Feeder are available. This new Feeder is specially designed for the HAAKE MiniLab to enable continuous sample feeding (max. pellet size 2 mm). With an attached rod or slit die the constant production of small strands or bands is possible. The cooled feeding zone avoids the melting of material in the feeder funnel. For sensitive samples the sealed funnel can be purged with inert gas.

Output rates are possible in the range of 2 g of material per minute.

Instrument control

The HAAKE MiniLab can be controlled by using the separate manual control box which includes a LCD screen for graphical data dis play or using the versatile application software.

The manual control box features:

  • easy handling with a clear menu structure
  • numerical and graphical data monitoring
  • storage of up to 10 test setups
  • flexible positioning of the display


The application software features:

  • Instrument control via standardized RS232 interface
  • storage of test setup and test results in one file
  • flexible data documentation
  • advanced evaluation methods and documentation of rheological data (viscosity, shear stress).


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