Pharma 11

Unique, flexible twin-screw compounder for hot melt extrusion and twin-screw granulation

In the early development of a new drug, research and development formulation scientists face the challenge that only a small amount of expensive API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) is available for experiments.

The Thermo Scientific Pharma 11 compounder provides cost-effective extrusion capabilities from a material and labor perspective requiring sample sizes of just 20 grams of material.
Its parallel 11 mm twin-screws and compact design which is fully scalable with the Thermo Scientific standalone pharmaceutical compounding systems, enables researchers to obtain results relevant to the process and even perform small scale production.

Primary Applications

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Implants
  • Tablets
  • Granules

Pharma 11 mm Compounder

The Thermo Scientific Pharma 11 is a very small scale extruder perfect for a wide range of drug development applications.
Achieving a minimum throughput of just 20 g/h, it is ideal for research and development applications especially when developing and testing recipes with expensive API and associated compounds. As a GMP-compliant unit, the Thermo Scientific Pharma 11 is also suitable for clinical trials and small scale production for throughputs up to 2.5 kg/h.

Designed to meet the toughest of challenges faced by customers and at the same time maximize the investment when progressing through the phases of the product development cycle, the screw and barrel designs are geometrically scalable across the whole Thermo Scientific portfolio of extruders from lab and pilot through to production scale.

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