TG/TDA 7000


TG/DTA 7000
Thermo Gravimetry / Differential Thermal Analyzer
Pioneer of Digital Dual Beam TG/DTA Technology

SIINT is one of the earliest Thermal Analysis suppliers offering simultaneous instruments, combining the high flexibility of the differential temperature analysis (DTA or DSC) and the proven capabilities of the thermo gravimetry (TGA) with dual beam TG/DTA technology.

EXSTAR 7000 TG/DTA series feature a proven dual balance beam design, which is highly resistant to environmental influences such as temperature fluctuations and table and building vibrations. This guarantees a drift free baseline without chimney and convection effects.

The newly developed ERATO calibration wizard performs automatically the full calibration of the system. This drastically improves the DTA/DSC performance without service interaction and furnace adjustment.

EXSTAR 7000 series TG/DTA allow you simultaneous TG/DTA and TG/DSC measurements, providing information about decomposition temperature, compositional analysis, flammability study, oxidative stabilities, and transition temperatures. The horizontal dual beam design ensures that the sample is exposed in the identical thermal environment and the desired atmosphere to obtain highly reliable data.

Ideal Environment Control Technology
In the horizontal dual beam balance the gas flow is perpendicular to weight measurement. This means that there is no interaction of reaction gas flow on the mass signal, even at flow rates up to 1000 ml/min. This allows the user to measure even minor weight losses at very low mass samples in a controlled atmosphere without any baseline correction.

Outstanding Sensitivity and Accuracy
The SIINT digital dual beam technology is the only one which guarantees accurate compensation of Thermal Expansion effects of the balance beams. The “Fuzzy Logic” temperature control in and the low mass furnace together allow for a precise temperature control, prevents overshoots and therefore enables the Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis (also called Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis).

High Reliability, Compact Autosampler

This robotic system allows up to 50 samples to be measured and analyzed automatically. The user can run any combinations of samples and methods, as the 7000 series of TG/DTA’s do not need any method specific baseline corrections, unlike most other TGA’s.

Pre-Calibration Function

EXSTAR 7000 series TG/DTA software provides direct temperature calibration, pre-calibration functions by using high purity metal standards. The thermocouple is in direct contact with the sample platform which
ensures highly accurate temperature readings. With the multiple points pre-calibration, the most accurate temperature control over a wide temperature range can be achieved. The calibration of the temperature control works as a “just press a key” function can be performed and saved under various experiment conditions and therefore saves maintenance costs.

One Touch Designed Dual Balance Beam

The patented one touch type dual balance beam design allows users to exchange the beam by themselves easily. Light weight balance beam ensures EXSTAR 7000 series TG/DTA with the highest sensitivity and stability.

Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA)

Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA, also called Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis SCTA) is equipped as a standard. This technique allows the control of the heating rate as a function of the weight loss. This method allows the separation of close weight losses without reducing the heating rate to 1 or 2°C/min. All settings are user selectable and the control of the heating rate is totally user unattended.

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