Thermo Mechanical Analyzer / Stress Strain

TMA measures the dimension change of a sample under defined conditions. Those are temperature, atmosphere and the applied force. The SIINT TMA offers a variety of different load modes and the necessary accessories. Probes are available for compression, penetration tension and three point bending. The unique stress/strain control allows measurements as a function of load and sample dimension. Therefore one can determine the stress relaxation and the creep recovery characteristics of a sample. This instrument was developed with DMA capabilities and therefore the characterization of the viscoelastic behaviour is one of the standard features. CRTA (Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis) and large volume TGA complement the TMA/SS measurement modes.
It’s simply the best and most flexible TMA!

Unique Flexibility
EXSTAR series TMA/SS 7000 series offer the broad load range from 0.01mN to 5.8 N to afford measurements ranging from single fibres to stiff bulk compositions. The large displacement range of +/-5000 µm allow EXSTAR 7000 series TMA users to handle a wide range of samples and applications without caring for sample dimensions. All kind of samples – polymers, ceramics, metals and glasses can be characterized in the large temperature range from -150 to 1500°C.

Outstanding Sensitivity

The precise and accurate measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion depends on factors temperature calibration resolution and sensitivity. With the 20 point temperature calibration, the resolution in the nm range and the unsurpassed temperature resolution the TMA/SS from SII NT fulfil all those needs.

DMA Capabilities

The SIINT TMA can also be used as a DMA. Sinusoidal force can be applied to the sample, the phase shift between force and the deformation signal precisely analyzed with Fourier Transformation and therefore the viscolelastic behaviour can be characterized.

Melting Protection Function

In order to protect the sample holder and the probes, the TMA/SS is equipped with the function to shut down the measurement if user defined displacement ranges are exceeded.

High Volume TG
The TMA can be used as a high mass, high volume TGA with a max sample mass of 600 g and a maximum volume of 2 ml. (USAPatent 5826983).

Automatic Sample Length Measurement

When the measurement starts, the sample length or thickness is automatically measured by the instrument under defined loads and temperature conditions. This function is easy to use, eliminates human error in handling micrometers and ensures highest accuracy.

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